Computation, Laws and Supervenience

The Computational Theory of Laws has implications for the Logic of Nomological Necessity and debates about Humean Supervenience.

Blackburn, Truth and other Hot Topics

Blackburn and Fodor fail to appreciate the threat incommensurability poses to our belief in objective truth.

Retributive Ethics

Begin with the principle: It is impermissible to harm others (other things being equal)…

The Good, The Bad and Peter Singer

Singer says that failing to donate money to help suffering from poverty and preventable diseases is as morally bad as standing by as a child drowns. But how bad is that I wonder?

The Retributive Theory of Property

Retributive ethics derives property rights from conventionally agreed to permissions to harm others.

The Origins of Property: A Parable with Morals

Once upon a time there was a primitive tribe that hunted and gathered in a verdant forest in a temperate clime.