The Profession

Dennett vs Mele

Dennett’s criticism of Mele’s new book is a disgraceful ad hominem.

Allowing Experimental Philosophy

” In our first study, all subjects were given a story about a person who ends up in the hospital. The person is being kept alive by life-support systems, but then the doctor turns off these systems specifically for the purpose of making sure the person dies. Subjects are then asked whether it would be more accurate to say that the doctor ‘ended’ the person’s life or that he ‘allowed it to end.'”

Experimental Philosophy: A Modest Proposal

Experimental Philosophy appears to be wholly comprised of administering questionnaires to the philosophically naïve in order to ascertain their philosophic “intuitions” .

Darwin and his Defenders

I recently found myself defending Fodor and Piattelli-Palmarini’s “What Darwin Got Wrong”

Open Access Philosophy

Why are there still hard copy philosophical journals and books?  Why is so much on-line philosophy hidden behind subscription walls?  Why are universities, students and researchers being forced to pay for access to information authors would happily give away for free?