Experimental Philosophy: A Modest Proposal

The practice of  Experimental Philosophy  appears to be wholly comprised of administering questionnaires to the philosophically naïve in order  to ascertain their philosophic “intuitions” .  

My  proposal  is simply  that in writing up their results the experimenters should feel obliged to include at least one section in which they, the  experimenters, say what they believe are  the correct answers  to each of the questions they have asked.  Where the  experimenters’ opinions diverge from their subjects’  revealed intuitions, the experimenters should  try to explain why the subjects  got it wrong. 

This requirement   would  sensitize the experimenters and alert the audience to potential issues of experimenter bias–always  danger  in any kind of survey — and would also have the salutary benefit of ensuring that some actual  philosophy was done in the course of the proceedings.